1-Why is Madagascar so special?:

UNIQUE is the most used adjective that visitors have in mind when they came to see this island. Its fauna and flora are distinguished by their endemism.
This fact makes its biodiversity one of the most important country on the planet.
Its traditions and culture are very complex but interesting to learn about.
This island has a diversity of habitats and associated flora:
Rainforest in the east, dry deciduous forest in the north and the spiny forest in the south.
Along with swamps and mountain tops with different rock formations ( The TSINGY of BEMARAHA, the sandstone massif of ISALO,and granitic mountain of ANDRINGITRA.)
MADAGASCAR offers you:

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100 % of the lemurs in the world.

6 endemic species of baobabs out of 8 only in the world.

98 % of native Amphibians and reptiles endemic, which means they are only found in this country. Among the best known are the chameleons.

About 204 breeding species of birds (120 species are endemic)-Darwin would have loved to come here and see all the examples of evolution and speciation, probably the best in any region of the world

Welcoming people composed by 18 different tribes each with its own diverse customs

Countless insects such as the bizarre Giraffe necked Weavel

Lovely beach resorts and marine reserves along its coastline

Beautifull landscapes

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Different array of habitats

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