Madagascar discovery
For the Traveller, Madagascar is this big island somewhere in Africa, but not Africa because of its strange mixture of the Asian culture.
Over 1600 km long and 560 km wide, this island encompasses a whole range of landscapes, habitats and cultural diversity:
--The Centre is the coolest part of this tropical island. This area is dotted with picturesque villages, rice fields and cosmopolitan features.
-The east,characterized by its lush greenery,humid tropical climate and remains of Madagascar raiforests.
--The South, with its arid landscapes, as well as rich cultures and topographical diversity, offers you a chance of seeing some striking and unusual vegetation, (Baobabs, octopus trees, different succulent plants ...) and of course wildlife.
(Baobab,octopus trees,different succulent plants ...)
-The north ,combine the wet west and warm coast of the west.
The region is not restricted to the beach resort of Nosy be but offers much more:
The rainforest of Amber mountain,The Tsingy of Ankarana,the challenging climb of Marojejy ....
-The West,with its geographical vicinity to Africa get the strongest influences from the main continent.
It is more remote but gives you more interesting adventures and real experiences.
I can organise tours for any type of travellers in these different regions of the island, depending on what you are mainly looking for, and what you would like in totally new experience as well.


Madagascar guide