Birding in Madagascar
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Madagascar birding
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Birds of Madagascar
Birds of Madagascar
Madagascar became for the last 10 years a hotspot for birders.
The birds of Madagascar is characterized by low diversity but with a spectacular endemism.
They are represented by 6endemic families:
ground rollers,cuckoo roller,asities,mesites,couas and vangas.

Lemurs of Madagascar
Lemurs of Madagascar
The most intriguing mammals of Madagascar are lemurs.
These primates are unique to this island,represented by 72 different kinds.
Some diurnals and some nocturnals.

Madagascar wildlife and scene
Madagascar wildlife and scene.
With the mixture of cultures that its population got from their african and asian roots,
Madagascar offers to travellers another world.
Associated with its biodiversity,it can be considered as a perfect destination for "new age pilgrim".

birdwatching in Madagascar